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Latest Sharings

Anti-Slavery Day: The “Illegal Migration” Act 2023 and it’s implications for survivors in the UK

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Thursday, 12th October 2023Categories: Blog. October 18 is Anti-Slavery Day. It is a chance for us to come together, to learn, and to take action to achieve a world where everyone can live in freedom. Our Communications Manager, Jessica Turner, reflects on the ‘Illegal Migration’ Act and its implications for survivors of slavery in the UK.

Hive Minds: experiences of ‘citizen science’ and community research (16 October 2023)

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10:00am - 12:00pm Date and time: Monday 16 October, 10.00-12.00 Location: online. This webinar explores community participation in research. Reflecting on the Institute for Community Studies’ paper, which shares the experiences of UKRI’s Citizen Science Collaboration Grants projects, this event welcomes those with experience of ‘citizen science’ or participatory and community-engaged research.

UN GLOBAL COMPACT: Business Leadership in Times of Crisis: Collected Insights from Chief Executive Officers into Successes, Challenges and Areas for Future Focus

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The UN Global Compact has compiled perspectives from CEOs across the globe, to provide policymakers, companies, and the public with practical insights into business leadership in today’s novel and dynamic operating environment. This report describes how today’s CEOs face complex challenges to their operations—and to their sustainability agenda.

World’s Largest Lesson Youth Advisory Panel 22/23

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World’s Largest Lesson is inviting students aged 11-14 to apply to join our new Youth Advisory Panel. If you know of students who may be interested in applying please read on.

SAVE THE DATE: 17 OCT, 2023 Shared Priorities for a Just Transition: Rights and the renewable energy value chain

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This webinar will explore the concept of a just transition from a multi-stakeholder perspective, presenting the forthcoming UN Working Group on Business and Human Rights report on Just Transition, Extractive Industries and Human Rights and the Business & Human Rights Resource Centre's Just Energy Transition Principles.


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Announcing the newest report from PeaceNexus and the International Growth Centre, exploring the social impacts of renewable energy projects in fragile markets.


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"We act as a learning partner for governments, public servants, and the diverse network of changemakers leading the charge to reimagine government so that it works for everyone."

Sussex Development Lectures: Peacebuilding and development: Education for forgiveness and reconciliation in the Arab region

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1 November 2023 16:00–17:30 In this Sussex Development Lecture, Mohammed Abu-Nimer will share his research and practice on questions – and issues related to advancing reconciliation and forgiveness in the Arab region, as a pathway to building peace and sustainable development in conflict areas.

Forest Allies: Evidence-Based Claims Framework

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15 September 2023 At the Rainforest Alliance, we know that those who make their living from the forest have a powerful incentive to protect it. With this principle in mind, we launched Forest Allies in 2021 to leverage corporate support for the bold local action needed to halt forest degradation and deforestation and mitigate the global climate crisis.

The 2023 High Level Meeting of AIS Forum Calls for Stronger Solidarity to Address Maritime Problems

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Jakarta, October 2, 2023 - The High Level Meeting of the Archipelagic and Island States (AIS) Forum which will take place on 10-11 October 2023 in Bali will call for archipelagic and island countries to strengthen solidarity in overcoming common problems in the maritime sector.

Media Pluralism Monitor 2023

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The Media Pluralism Monitor is a research project that assesses the health of media ecosystems in Europe, highlighting threats to media pluralism and media freedom in the European Union’s Member States and candidate countries.

The Social Media Monetisation Playbook

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The Social Media Monetisation Playbook is designed for media managers and journalists who are looking to monetise their social media channels and diversify their income, particularly in countries where English is not the predominant language.

Transatlantic Symposium on Sustainable Development

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The Transatlantic Symposium on Sustainable Development: North American and European Perspectives on Sustainability in Higher Education is being organised against this background in order to facilitate a wide-ranging discussion on the contribution of higher education institutions from both sides of the Atlantic towards a more sustainable future.


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2023-07-27 BRUSSELS - The LocalMedia4Democracy project is supporting 17 small local media outlets. These outlets aim to serve the public interest in localities and regions where access to information has significantly decreased in the European Union. This grant scheme is operated by Journalismfund Europe and International Media Support (IMS), and co-funded by the European Commission.

BANK INFORMATION CENTER: Why and how should Multilateral Development Banks prioritize children in its climate and environment work?

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Climate change disproportionately impacts marginalized groups, and these impacts are almost certain to grow with time. Today’s children, an inherently at-risk group, will bear the brunt of such impacts. Yet, despite the deepening threat to children posed by climate disruption and environmental degradation, MDBs have not considered ways to address the intersection of child rights and climate justic

51st Plenary of the Committee on World Food Security

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The Committee on World Food Security (CFS 51) is taking place between 23 and 27 October 2023 in a hybrid format in Rome, Italy. The membership of the Committee is open to all Member States of the Food and Agricultural Organization (FAO), the International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD) or The World Food Programme (WFP) and non-Member States of FAO that are Member States of the UN.

PeoplePowered: Applications for the 3rd cohort of the Rising Stars Mentorship are now open!

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Do you need help to launch or improve a participatory program? Apply for expert mentoring support! Rising Stars is the online mentorship program from People Powered that connects you with expert guidance to launch and improve participatory programs. We match advocates, policymakers and program managers seeking guidance (mentees) to on-the-ground experts who can address questions (mentors).

Child Frontiers is 15 years old

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Child Frontiers is a consulting company that promotes the care, well-being and protection of children. We provide a comprehensive package of services to development and humanitarian agencies.

Bankrupt in Birmingham? DemocracyNext

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Here the latest newsletter from DemocracyNext: "Our COO Lucy Reid, a Birmingham resident, writes about how a Citizens' Assembly could help her city in a time of crisis"

OXFAM: World’s poorest countries to slash public spending by more than $220 billion in face of crushing debt

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Published: 9th October 2023 More than half (57 percent) of the world’s poorest countries, home to 2.4 billion people, are having to cut public spending by a combined $229 billion over the next five years, reveals new analysis by Oxfam today ahead of the World Bank and International Monetary Fund (IMF) Annual Meetings in Marrakech.