Change will happen if societies and communities are more cohesive through enhanced form of social capital practices. Volunteerism and activism are forms for promoting united and engaged communities where the concept of ‘altruism’ is strong and vibrant. Nepal boasts a very strong "social" capital with thousands of NGOs and community based organizations. One professionalism in development is definitely one way to promote change, there are many incredible examples of activism through engaged citizens.
Everybody can play a role in making a bit of difference. There are many ways and modalities to turn a community in a better place to live. The space will offer the opportunity to discuss about service and volunteerism, voluntary action at large. We have the strong belief that the these voluntary actions do contribute to create the foundations for a stronger participation that is key to lay the foundation for a real grassroots democracy. Contributors can write about how they engage and mobilize volunteers, they can discuss about how communities can become more self reliant without this meaning that state and local authorities have no responsibilities. Actually voluntary action can be also considered as a powerful campaigning tool to raise the standards of accountability and ensure the delivery of services.

Art works by Ishan Pariyar

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Ishan incorporate with the symbolical metaphors like water boat, bitter guard, postures of palm, figures in his artworks. He tries to show the state of emotions and feelings throughout his art works. He uses water boat as a symbol of life and part of struggle where as he uses the texture of bitter guard in his paintings to depict the bitter reality of life.

Resilience: Nepal’s Greatest Strength and Most Crippling Weakness

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"The country I live in is slowly slipping into another humanitarian crisis. It will be the second humanitarian crisis this year. But whilst the earthquake was an act of nature, this new crisis is very much man-made." Martin Punaks shares with us a foreigner's perspective on the new crisis engulfing Nepal.

Tribute to the tourists died during the earthquake. Manoj K. Giri [Chairperson: Tourism Forum-Nepal]

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The tourists died in the calamities cannot be our guest again, but they will always be in our memories. We memorize them days and days, years and years. They are our inspiration, we missed them, we lost them but we never forget them.

Hamro Sahayog - Our Support for Nepal Earthquake Relief | Heritage Inventory Group Session @ UN-HABITAT

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For more information, please call 9808400813.

Major Blockages of Voluntourism in the Context of Nepal by Manoj K. Giri (Chairman, Alternative Volunteer)

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Imama and David from Spain the first week of March 2015 to work as volunteers in a private boarding school in Bhaktapur. I had arranged food and accommodation for them perfectly but they are denied work as volunteers during their visit. I did not force them to volunteer in the school. They left the school immediately and went to Bhaktapur to stay.

Peoples' Voices Challenge | My World Campaign [Crowd-based Advocacy + Announcement]

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"The Global Conversation on the Post-2015 has been led by the United Nations and has gathered more than 7 million citizen voices from 194 countries. People’s from all corners of the world have participated in national, regional and global multistakeholder consultations as well as in the MY World survey.

The results from the Global Conversation have already informed Member States and United Nations discussions about the future development agenda, including the proposed Sustainable Development Goals.


WEvolve: Open Our Eyes. Together. Campaign [Crowd-based Advocacy + Announcement]

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'WEvolve empowers young men and women to challenge and break through societal norms that lead to gender-based violence.'

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Photo Exhibition Commemorating World Water Day 2015 for Sustainable Development @ Radisson Hotel | WaterAid Nepal

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Himalayan Outdoor Festival 2015 [Event Recommendation]

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"The FOURTH iteration of the celebration of human-powered adventure sports, music and getting into the Himalayan lifestyle is happening on the 21st of March, 2015 at Hattiban hills which overlook our beautiful Kathmandu Valley.

A wilderness sporting extravaganza that brings climbers, mountain bikers, athletes and nature lovers from all around the world together to celebrate the spirit of adventure in the great Himalayan outdoors."

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The display of the flag of Nepal as noticed during my winter 2014 visit to Nepal. Enjoy.

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