Tribute to the tourists died during the earthquake. Manoj K. Giri [Chairperson: Tourism Forum-Nepal]

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The tourists died in the calamities cannot be our guest again, but they will always be in our memories. We memorize them days and days, years and years. They are our inspiration, we missed them, we lost them but we never forget them.

Men and household chores

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We talk about equality and justice but when it comes to household chores men say "no no". Why do they say no to household chores? It is because they can't do it or they don't want to do it?


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Written by the life coach Mr.Preim Amor, this article discusses the confusion most of us go through in our personal and professional lives at large. The effort in this writing is to offer us something beyond general psychological thinking.

Oh Sorry, Your Identity is more Sacred than Mine!

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We all are equal. We all are free. No one has any right to label others as not 'good' and 'wrong' on what so ever ground.

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