Men and household chores

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"I helped my mother in the kitchen", I have heard people bragging. Among those people, most are males. There is difference between "helping" and "doing your share of work". The thought that men/boys are not supposed to do household chores has grown up as a culture in our society, so when we see a male member of family doing dishes or cooking,we get surprised. In an educated family where women are also working professionals like men,we rarely see men doing household chores.

Men don't do household chores simply because they don't like to and they don't like to because they believe it is not their part of responsibilty.From early childhood girls are taught to cook,clean the house,do the dishes etc but boys aren't.Why? If it is so important for women,why is it not important for men? In one of the residential trainings  I recently attended we had do clean our dishes by ourselves and it was such a pity to see some boys requesting girls to do their dishes. "I don't feel hungry when mom is not home",we have heard people saying this. Are mothers the only people responsible for feeding their family?  

As soon as a mother enters the house,children come crawling to her. Without taking rest she prepares food.She feeds her children.She cleans everything and sleeps.She gets up,again prepares something to eat,cleans,sends children to school,does eveything and then goes to work.The father on the other hand commands,eats,sleeps and goes to work. 

We talk about equality and justice but when it comes to household chores men say "no no". Why do they say no to household chores? It is because they can't do it or they don't want to do it?

Rest and leisure are everybody's right,RIGHT??

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