Promotion of volunteerism based society

Volunteerism can play a leading role in making communities stronger, more cohesive and better places to live. Here you can write about example of volunteer mobilization but also about the importance of promoting and recognizing volunteering efforts in all ways and forms. At the end of the day there is no only one definition about volunteerism, it is up to the person to decide how to volunteer. Of course there are some basic principles: free will, no economic interest while enduring a volunteering activity.

IAVE’S diaries ( DAY 1-22nd Nov)

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Some reflections from my first day ( 22nd of November) at IAVE conference in KL. The government here is pushing hard to promote volunteerism because it fits perfectly into the national plans to develop young talents. Can such approach co-exist with smaller, independent initiatives that have nothing to do with programs backed by the government? Perhaps yes...

Next Generation Nepal's "Wisdom Wednesdays"

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Wisdom Wednesdays is an innovative program of talks run by Next Generation Nepal and its partners about ethical volunteering. Our expert speakers work in international development, responsible tourism, child rights, volunteering, and diplomatic missions

Engage Empowering League

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NGN's Widsom Wednesdays: A Series of Talks on Child Rights and Ethical Volunteering

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Next Generation Nepal is running a series of talks and discussions, by child rights activists and ethical tourism experts, on ethical tourism and volunteering in Nepal. They are being held most Wednesdays at 5pm in Paddy Foley's Irish Pub and Restaurant, opposite Kathmandu Guest House, Thamel. Starting at 5:00pm and running until 6:30pm. They are FREE!!! Please join us!!!

The importance of promoting and fostering volunteerism

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How the quakes can help re-launch a volunteerism agenda in Nepal.

Paradox of orphanage volunteering: Problems everywhere

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French Gap Year Student Enjoying Teaching in Orphanage
Without hesitating we can say, many 'orphanage homes' are intentionally opened and operated for the good money and not for the good social service. Problem is everywhere, we should fight collectively.


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Thousands of foreign tourists visit Nepal, particularly for the Himalayan experience, and some are keen to be involved in volunteering. Good intentions in terms of volunteering work also mean immersion in the Nepali life style and culture. A few days of volunteering can result in great memories as well as some bitter truths.

The Changing Nature of Volunteering into Voluntourism Without a Proper Policy By Manoj Kumar Giri (Chairman, Alternative Volunteer)

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Volunteering in Nepal has its own particularities - it is connected with our culture, lifestyle and the nature of our social structures. People have supported those in need selflessly including during social and cultural events such as feasts, weddings and other traditional Hindu customs.


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The display of the flag of Nepal as noticed during my winter 2014 visit to Nepal. Enjoy.


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