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Wisdom Wednesday 2015: Interview with Andrea Nave, CEO, Forget me Not ( Part II)

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Andrea explains the journey undertaken by Forget Me Not to drastically change its approach on child protection in order to ensure the respect of the rights of the children, moving from an approach focused on institutionalization towards a working modality that works on the long term best interests of the children. Andrea also talk about the work of her organization outside Nepal.
Wisdom Wednesday 2016 is currently on going, please visit

Next Generation Nepal's "Wisdom Wednesdays"

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Wisdom Wednesdays is an innovative program of talks run by Next Generation Nepal and its partners about ethical volunteering. Our expert speakers work in international development, responsible tourism, child rights, volunteering, and diplomatic missions

Interview with Anna McKeon, Communication Consultant, Better Care Better Volunteering Network ( Part I)

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A multi agency initiative, Better Care Better Volunteering Network promotes ethical alternatives to volunteering in children homes. Anna, in this first part of the interview, explains why it is not ethical to volunteer in residential children care centers, offering some interesting options that can help harming the children. The Second Part of this interview will be published on 10th of April

Rethinking International Volunteering: Interview with Claire Bennett, Co-Founder, Learning Service and Co-Author of Re-Thinking International Volunteering

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Claire is one of the co-founder of Learning Service, an advocacy group to “Rethink Volunteer Travel” ( a group of peers, Claire is writing a book “Rethinking International volunteering” that promises to offer a paradigm change in the way international volunteering is experienced. This is fist of a two part interview. The next will be published on 27th of January

Orphanage Volunteering: An Interview with Martin Punaks, Country Director, Next Generation Nepal


Next Generation Nepal has recently released its long-awaited report, The Paradox of Orphanage Volunteering: Combating child trafficking through ethical voluntourism. The report was launched on 11th December 2014 at a Conference on Orphanage Volunteering run by UNICEF Nepal and Next Generation Nepal.
The report can be downloaded here:

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