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The International Forum for Volunteering in Development (Forum) is the most significant global network of organisations that work with volunteers to achieve sustainable development goals. Forum exists to share information, develop good practice and enhance cooperation across the volunteering in development sector. Forum achieves this through convening, research, and standards. Forum is a ‘virtual’ network, with a global membership that includes a range of organisations involved in development cooperation including non-government and state organisations.

What does Forum do?

  • Convening: Forum brings its members together to share information, good practice and innovative approaches. This happens at the annual IVCO Conference, through webinars, Heads of Agency Calls and our Teams Platform. Forum members also collaborate through Working Groups.
  • Research: Forum creates research on questions of general interest to our members, such as our 2021 research project COVID-19 and the Future of Volunteering for Development. We also coordinate research amongst our members, and through the Forum Research, Practice, Policy and Learning (RPPL) Group we provide a space for members to collaborate with researchers and academics
  • Standards: Forum’s Standards Working Group created the Global Volunteering Standard, a new version of which was launched at IVCO 2021. The Standard is now accompanied by an online Platform which includes a Self-Assessment Tool and Learning Library.

Why is Forum important?


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