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Hangzhou, the host city for the 19th Asian Games from September 23 to October 8, will continue hosting the fourth Asian Para Games, set to take place between October 22 and 28. According to the organizers, the Asian Games Village has been transformed into the Asian Para Games Village.

Venues ready | exploring Hangzhou Asian Para Games Village

Later, the flame was transported from Guangzhou to Hangzhou on a high-speed railway escorted by personnel from the Hangzhou Asian Para Games Organising Committee.

A total of 600 torchbearers, including 51 overseas torchbearers from 41 countries and regions, will participate in the relay that is set to start at the Xiushui Square near the Qiandao Lake in Hangzhou's Chun'an County, on October 19.

The relay includes 228 female and 372 male torchbearers, with the youngest being a 14-year-old and the oldest 73.

Among them, 188 torchbearers are physically impaired, accounting for almost a third of the total.

Accessible ramps, restrooms, and signs have been carefully designed and installed throughout the torch relay, which runs through three counties and six districts in Hangzhou.

The relay will cover 235 kilometers, connecting the Qiandao Lake, the Xin'an River, the Fuchun River, and the Qiantang River from west to east.


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Inside residential units, multiple emergency call buttons are available, along with bumpers and rounded furniture edges for safety. The accessible bathrooms are fitted with handrails and seats. The color scheme for waste bins differs from regular ones, adopting a blue-black combination for easier recycling, and accommodating those with color vision impairment.

The Village also offers a rich, diverse living experience. Alipay has set up an AIGC fun experience area, allowing athletes to generate combined photos of themselves and iconic Hangzhou landmarks.

Still, the fitness center, covering an area of 600 square meters, is tailored to the training habits of Asian Para athletes and their coaches. It offers an array of training zones, including aerobic exercise, fixed strength, free weight, and multifunctional training areas, large enough to hold 60 athletes simultaneously.

In the culture house, visitors can explore Chinese culture and artworks created by artists with an impairment, offering a chance to learn more about Chinese culture.

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