Loss and damage: Challenges and opportunities for city leadership – A youth perspective

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The mounting risk presented by loss and damage poses an existential threat to youth and future generations, especially in cities. By 2050, almost 70% of the world’s children will live in urban areas – many of them in informal settlements in the Global South. With nearly half the global population composed of young people under 30 years old, today’s youth will inherit the Earth amidst a climate crisis and bear the burden of climate change impacts longer than any other generation. While youth are especially impacted by loss and damage, both in the present and in the future, they often have very little say in decisions that impact their present and future. Despite this, youth are already showcasing leadership to address climate-induced loss and damage.

This document is designed specifically for young people by young people, to accompany the broader report Loss and damage: Challenges and opportunities for city leadership. By engaging with this report, young people will gain a critical understanding of how to engage with policies and practices to address loss and damage in partnership with cities and mayors in an urban setting.

The report outlines the different ways youth are already helping address loss and damage in their cities, whilst spotlighting the unique role young people can play – including in collaboration with cities and mayors – in integrating these learnings into their leadership and advocacy to address the urban dimensions of loss and damage.

For more on why cities should work closely with youth on climate action, also read Why youth are powerful allies for your city’s climate ambitions.

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