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This ordinary world, replete with beautiful objects, is a gift of God. 
Man is sent in this world without any chain or fetters, regardless of creed class, 
race and nation. A newly born baby takes his breath as a free mortal; his conscious 
is free from the thought that he is a slave or free citizen, a prince or penniless.
            With the passage of time, the conscious of a child begins to develop Freud 
says that a child confronts first authority when he is given toilet training. He receives 
another blow on his freedom when he has to follow time management and discipline in 
school. With the initiation of social life, he begins to understand that he is not a free being.
            The loss of freedom compels him to long for an earlier youth. This is not 
strange to hear from a child that he wants to attain his youth as soon as possible. 
In fact a child thinks that he will be free from all authorities when he will attains 
the age of youth. This myth soon is shattered when this child takes steps into manhood. 
Soon he realizes that he is enslaved either in poverty or lonely in a beautiful palace: 
sometimes the chain of his clan prevents him from being mixed up with others and 
sometimes his sect imprisons him, he feels that everywhere he is in chains. This is the 
tragedy of man that he is enslaved in spite of being free. One may call it slavery amidst 
            Man is a unique creature of God; he is important not only as an individual but also a 
integral part of human society. Man is enslaved by the chains of society; some chains hurt 
this soul and few chains prevent him from proceeding towards destruction.
            The chain of slavery, poverty, class, sect are really a mark of ugliness on the face of 
this beautiful world. Slavery has been chasing mankind since the stone stage. Albeit slavery 
has become an unacceptable phenomenon in our civilized world but unfortunately, many nations 
are enslaved under the foreign domination even in the twenty first century. The third World 
is bond by the chains of slavery imposed on it by the economically developed countries in 
different forms.
            Racial discrimination is another thorny chain in which mankind is enslaved. Man is 
born free but so-called civilized society enslaves him to the chain of superior or inferior 
race consciousness. This division is not limited to hatred but takes man to the butchery of 
            Sometimes the passion of patriotism exceeds the limits and injuries the sense of 
righteousness of nations that they fight wars with one another. The chain of jingoism hurts 
the feelings of other nations.
            Man is also enslaved in the chains of poverty, ignorance, superstitions etc. All men in 
all nations are born with freedom but they lose it when they are subjected to economic 
disparity. Hierarchical structure of society is the chain in which man is enslaved even in 
the twenty first century. A newly born baby does not know that society will push him to 
acute destitution and he will be unable to come out of the slavery trap. Poverty, clamped 
on man drives him to darkness and many other social evils.
            All humans are born with equal rights but some are deprived of these rights and 
enslaved by the chain of compulsion force. But the chains are not from God; infact man is 
the enemy of man. These are man made fetters. God decorated this world for all human 
beings regardless of the fact whether man is obedient or otherwise but man’s attitude 
to his fellow beings is that of a master and a slave. Man exploits man by enslaving hi in the 
chains of compulsions of racial discrimination.
            Rossoeue is right when he states that man is born free but everywhere he is in chains. 
But all the chains, created/imposed by society, are the marks of ugliness on the face of 
this world. However, some chains are the beauty of life. The delicate chain of relationship 
is unquestionably, the beauty of life. Family is the soul of social life and parental, matrimonial 
and fraternal relationships are a strong chain for human beings but this chain does not hurt 
an individual but instead it embellishes human life with love respect attention and dedication.
The chain of relationship prevents an individual from going in a wrong direction. A man, 
having the responsibilities of’ parents, spouse and children acts on the dictum “look before 
leap’. Any step taken by him, can darken or enlighten the life of the people he loves. Hence, 
he thinks to take sagacious step.
Another chain that shackles man in-society is that of law restriction .The chain of laws 
prevents, man from becoming a beast. Without the implementation of laws, human society 
could present the picture of a jungle where the rule of might is right prevails. Such a society 
does not ensure even the basic human rights. A society without law produces beasts not humans.
But on the other hand the chain of slavery ignorance racial discrimination and many social evils 
should be eliminated from human society. Man should be set- free -from the slavery of his 
fellow human beings as it is against the dignity of mankind. Man is born free and he should 
be given  the right to enjoy his freedom within the limitations prescribed by God; only then 
this world can become a model of peace which is the ultimate goal of mankind.

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