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The world marked 106th International Women’s Day today. In other words, it took 106 years of constant effort for women of international community to reach where they are today; to ensure the rights and dignity they have today. Yet, the status of Nepali women is way below the international standard in terms of equality, access to health, education, opportunity and decision making. Amid all the predicaments women are facing, they have shown tremendous zeal to succeed. Let’s celebrate this day as a day to acknowledge their contribution and success.

The 2016 theme for International Women’s Day is “Planet 50-50 by 2030: Step It Up for Gender Equality.”I believe men have important role in making this happen. I do my best from my part.

While in most part of the country, only women gathered and rallied to celebrate International Women’s Day, more than 70 men gathered at Lagankhel and marched with banners and posters with various slogans against violence against women and promoting gender equality. It was aptly called Men’s March 2.0. It was hosted for second time by Yuwalaya; a youth-led non-profit organization working for and youth and adolescence in Nepal, in collaboration with various other youth organizations. Even like this is a gesture that men cares for women and are ready to make Planet 50-50 a reality.

I wish for the day when women do not have to fight for their right, quota system is no more as an individual may warrant dignity, respect and opportunities regardless of their gender or any other identity for that matter. Until then, let’s be real men and real men support women to ensure their right and creates the environment accordingly.

Position: Communication and Events Officer, Clean up Nepal

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