UNU-IAS Launches E-learning Course on Net Zero

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UNU-IAS has launched a free e-learning course Net Zero 101: What, Why and How. This self-paced online course breaks down the science of climate change and net zero into easy-to-understand terms, while highlighting practical steps that individuals can take for climate action. It is designed for anyone who wishes to develop a foundational understanding of climate change and net zero, and requires no prior knowledge of climate science. Learners can earn a digital certificate from UNU-IAS upon successful completion of the course. It can be accessed through the One UN Climate Change Learning Partnership (UN CC:Learn) platform.

The course was developed by UNU-IAS as part of its Innovation and Education programme of UNU-IAS with support from the Ministry of Environment, Japan, and the Korea Environment Corporation, Government of the Republic of Korea.

Further details are available on the course page.

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