World’s Largest Lesson Youth Advisory Panel 22/23

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World’s Largest Lesson Youth Advisory Panel 23/24

Hello and welcome to the application process to be on the WLL Youth Advisory Panel.


World’s Largest Lesson is inviting students aged 11-14 to apply to join our new Youth Advisory Panel. If you know of students who may be interested in applying please read on.

What is the WLL Youth Advisory Panel?

As an organization committed to sustainable development learning, we recognize the importance of involving students at every stage of our campaigns. The Youth Advisory Panel aims at giving young people a voice in shaping our work. We are inviting students to apply to join this year’s panel who have a particular interest in design thinking and innovation. 

World’s Largest Lesson promotes use of the Sustainable Development Goals in learning so that children can contribute to a better future for all. We are a programme from Project Everyone. Meet our team!


We produce creative tools for educators and action focussed learning experiences for children and young people that build skills and motivation to take action for the SDGs.

Each year we create campaigns and challenges to keep student learning engaging and relevant. We support these with local activations to make sure no one is left behind.

Our work is informed by our Transforming Education Survey Report, a survey asking 37,000 children and young people in 150+ countries what they think the purpose of education should be.

How does the WLL Youth Advisory Panel work?

We will hold calls for successful applicants on Zoom. The calls will last for one hour. When students have been selected, we will send out a Doodle Poll to understand what times work best for your students. We will always do 2 calls on the Youth Advisory Day to try and accommodate different time zones. 

Teachers are also welcome to join students on Advisory Panel calls as audits but the main session is designed for students. 

We understand that things come up and your student may not be able to make the call. But we please ask that you and your student check the below dates to try and make sure you are available for the majority of the calls.

The panel will be made up of 6 Zoom calls (dates below) and in the sessions we will discuss your ideas on how to take action for the Global Goals. Students must be aged between 11-14 years old to apply. 

We are anticipating a high volume of applicants and unfortunately, will not be able to offer everyone a place. We will be doing the advisory panel again next year so students will have another opportunity to apply. 

Thank you! 


Thursday 12th October 2023- Applications open

Friday 27th October 2023- Applications close 

Tuesday 31st October 2023 - Successful applicants notified


  • Session 1: Tues 14th November 2023

  • Session 2: Tues 5th December 2023

  • Session 3: Tues 9th January 2024

  • Session 4: Tues 6th February 2024 

  • Session 5: Tues 5th March 2024 

  • Session 6: Tues 9th April 2024 




The Advisory Panel is made up of children from 18 different countries around the world, all of whom share their ideas and feedback on how WLL can help to support children take action for the Global Goals. We’ll be highlighting the work these amazing group are doing throughout the year – so look out for future updates!

Here, Mar from Spain, explains what her school is doing to take action for the Global Goals.

“Hello! In my school we are doing many projects to make the world a better place. First of all, my school is a green school, we recycle a lot, we have many different coloured containers to distinguish what garbage goes there.


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