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Tell me, how do you mourn the death of something that could have been but never was?  Do you say bid a tearful goodbye or let it slip  by like water through your fingers? The fingers that still tremble by the imagined touch that  was promised to them? 
The conversations that never were, the laughter that inhabited only my mind and the fleeting looks that have permanently lodged themselves in every possible crevice of my breaking heart. All there, yet not.  Did you really say "forever"  or was it the imagination of my mind that was bathed in the brilliance of your smile? Did you really want to travel with me or was it that my conjured up the impossible journey.
Seconds, minutes, days. Moments that are now gone. Or have they? Death can be endured but memories torture you until your last breath.  Adieu, my love. Let me be assailed by the memories of you. The one that I prefer to be with.  Let my story be just mine, untarnished , unblemished by the twisted reality of the world.
 Adieu, my love.

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