Bita and Plants

Photo sharing

Last week was an awesome week. It happened in the morning. I gave my Nikon DSLR camera to my cousin and told, "you have an hour, go anywhere you want, but return with some good pictures." He was happy and surprised with my offer. 

He grabbed the camera and went off. After a couple of minutes, he returned to me with full of embarrassment on his face. "I could not find anything good to photograph," said little bit nervously. My daughter Bisheshata was with me at that moment. She is just five and half years and a curious kid. I used to call her "Bita" as a short firm of her name.

I took the camera and told Bita, "do you want to see the plants in our farm?" Her face was brightened up and agreed with moving her head up and down. I told my cousin to follow me. We headed to the farm where various vegetables were planted by my mother and sister-in-law.

Suddenly, an idea came to my mind. I said Bita to sit on the onion bed. Clicked some snaps and told her to show me the eggplant. She plucked an eggplant and gave a pose putting Brengle in the middle of her eyes. Suddenly she saw a spider net and spider in between the eggplants. She scared and stepped back. I told her to just point out the spider, so I can photograph. She did it and situation was harmonized.

Chili plant was in the side of eggplant. I said, "what you afraid to eat", "Green Chili" with almost half minute pause she said. "Can you show me", she showed me the green chili. Then we move around the farm and I took Bita's photo with tomato, garlic, coriander, maize, wheat, chickpea, berry, lemon and finally with goats.   

Probably she will be the Under Kinder Garden (UKG) students from April. I gave her to write plants name several times in her text book. But I am sure she does not known all of the plants she wrote in her copy. After spending 20 minutes, I clicked almost 50 pictures of Bita with almost a dozen of plants.

"Baba (father) I knew all the plants, isn't it?" she asked me when we were heading towards home. "Yes you knew all of them". "Oooo balle balle, Ooo balle balle" she said with excitement of a kind of victory.

I am sure she will never forget the name of these plants again. My experience of working in the development field for 13 years teaches me that experiment is an effective learning way of learning. I heard from my friend that some children of the urban area who never visited the village think the machine produce the rice. They even do not know there is plant to produce bananas.

I feel very happy myself for doing it for my daughter. And feel proud to be a father of a brilliant girl! Later, I asked my cousin, "you said there was no interesting subject to photograph. Was it interesting to photograph Bita with the plants?" He shakes his head down twice. I think he also learn something!   

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