The Male Gaze

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Welcome to the male world he said after body complimenting her about her legs.


Yes, the male world which is dominated by the male gaze. The gaze that looks at a woman as a piece of flesh and rates various parts of her anatomy on a self defined scale of attractiveness. Men, women and everything beyond the gender binary are much more than their anatomy. To think of them as a sum of their body parts or dis-aggregate their physicality is an extremely reductionist way of viewing a person. Also, I don't need to know how my own body looks like from anyone. Said she and stood up indicating the end of conversation.   Then don't wear clothes that invite comment from the people, men in particuilar, said he in a belligerent tone. I don't wear anything or do anything as an "invitation" , I do because I want to. I do it for me. My body is not a landscape for your eyes to take a leisurely stroll or a quick walk. Said she in a tone that brooked no argument. I was just trying to appreciate a good thing, said he in a defensive tone. I'm not a "thing” and neither is my anatomy open for public scrutiny because I’m not a painting hung up on the walls of “Museum of Modern Art”, said she with a burning look in her eyes. You sure have opinions and strong ones at that, said he in a surprised voice. Were you expecting otherwise because I am a woman? With this she stormed out of the room leaving him with his sexist thoughts.

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