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How many of you tried moving around with a wheelchair? I guess few of us did that. I still have to play myself wheelchair basketball and I will learn soon doing this.


It is must I set for myself this year. I want to learn playing wheelchair basketball and soon I will have a chance to learn about it together with our super ENGAGE Corps volunteer and my fantastic colleagues.

Today is a special day.International Day of Wheelchair, probably not the most known among the special days but still very significant.

Steve Wilkinson, international motivator and speaker and most importantly founder of the International Wheelchair Day, highlights the importance of the day on his web site at

The Aims of International Wheelchair Day

·         To enable wheelchair users to celebrate the positive impact a wheelchair has in their lives.

·         To celebrate the great work of the many millions of people who provide wheelchairs, who provide support and care for wheelchair users and who make the World a better and more accessible place for people with mobility issues.

·         To acknowledge and react constructively to the fact there are many tens of millions of people in the World who need a wheelchair, but are unable to acquire one.


Today there has been a rally in Kathmandu but unfortunately I could not make it to office due to a looming deadline that we cannot miss. A real pity and I feel sorry for this. I hope that many people without disabilities have taken part of it but I doubt.

Unfortunately there is a still long way before really mainstreaming disabilities in the society. Or should the so called the society at large get mainstreamed in the disability world rather then vice versa?

Maybe one day there will be no more need of wheelchairs; maybe one day technological advances will make life easier and more movable for also persons who are wheelchairs users. Maybe one day science and medicine will change the lives of persons now forced to use a wheelchair.

But till then spaces should be designed to accommodate and welcome wheelchair, probably one of the greatest and most neglected invention.

Last but not the least big kudos to Stwve for coming up with this incredible idea of celebrating a great thing. Thanks Steve!!!

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