UPDATE FROM AFRICAN ELECTIONS: Alassane Ouattara wins elections in Ivory Coast while tension and confusion in Tanzania

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Alassane Ouattara, the renowned economist and incumbent won the election with almost 84% of the votes, a resounding victory that confirms the trust and good will the people of Ivory Cost has for him.

Ouattara back in 2010 had defeated then then-President Laurent Gbagbo who se rejection of the results triggered a violent civil war that ended only with the forceful removal of  Gbagbo.

The economy of Ivory Cost is back on track but still many challenges remain ahead in ensuring a more robust economic growth that can benefit the population.

In Tanzania, there is still no clarity. The candidate of the ruling CCM party is ahead with the counting but still many votes remained to be counted. Many incumbent leaders lost their seats while riots protesting against the ruling party erupted in many parts of the country. In the Island of Zanzibar that is self government and one of the two constituents of the Tanzanian federation, the elections were annulled due to irregularities. Despite the tense situation, it seems the CCM is on track to ensure a new mandate under John Magafuli that held ministerial position in the past and has a good reputation among the public.

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