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At the Grand Opening of the Farmers Mart in Jhamsikhel

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Farmers Mart in Jhamsikhel, Lalitpur - Creating Harmony between Environment and Community

The Farmers Mart offers varied selections of organic and whole foods under one roof to support farmers and create harmony between environment and community.

Interview with Laurel Williams, Chief Operating Officer, Thriive

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Thriive is a new social enterprise based in the USA. Thriive supports local small enterprises around the world through loans. In this way Thriive helps alleviating poverty at community level while at the same time promoting an innovative culture of giving through CSR practices. More recently Thriive got awarded as Best pitching at the Investment Showcase organized by the HUB during the AVPN Conference.
Laurel comes from the banking sector and she started with Thriive after a volunteering experience. You can really say the power of volunteering…

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