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"Nepal has a unique opportunity to advance a regional volunteering agenda in South Asia" | The Kathmandu Post

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China joining SAARC? No kidding but…

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There is real potential for greater cooperation with China if South Asia gets serious on its integration process but unless the nation members of SAARC step up their efforts to strengthen their regional unity, it does not make sense to talk about a stronger engagement of China with South Asia as a regional bloc.

Let a former PM lead the SAARC

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Only a recognized, experienced political figure like a former PM from the region should be appointed as Secretary General of SAARC. This strategic shift can contribute immensely to bring some relevancy to the bloc

Can Modi save South Asia's integration process?

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What we need is a political agenda for a new South Asia. Let allow regional integration bridge the gaps among nations for a common prosperity and well being of all citizens of South Asia. Can Modi show his vigor and determination in adding a new dimension to the process of regional integration?

The South Asian Poetry Festival for Peace 2013: A Voice for Us All | Veneeta Singha

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A poetry festival in Kathmandu ...

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