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Keshav Timalsina is one of the players of the Wheelchair basketball team. He is 42 year old and lives with his family in Manbhavan. He faced spinal cord injury at an early age of 25 when he was cutting grass in his village; it nearly took him about four years to overcome this incident and accept his fate. It required a lot of self-confidence and courage to hold oneself together after this shock. Even though he is only 6th grade pass, Mr Timalsina has been sketching designs in cotton fabric and making garlands for living. He is content with himself and his work though he receives very few orders for his work. But anyhow he manages to look after his family despite being differently abled. He said something very striking that people say insensitive things about his condition, that now he is of no use, in Nepal if a person is both unemployed and disabled then life is certainly going to be harsh therefore he is still earning for himself. It seems like people immediately outcast people after they become disabled.

He further expressed about the problems he faces on a daily basis, the major one is attending natures call when needed and especially when he is in a public place. For us it might not be a big deal and the problem seems minor but we do not acknowledge how big of an issue it is for them. Another problem is to keep oneself healthy; many people on wheelchairs suffer from urinary infections and various diseases which reduces their life span. He is glad that ENGAGE organized wheelchair basketball because exercise is crucial for him and through basketball he feels lively and energized; playing this sport motivates him.

Mr Timalsina wanted to spread this word to others like him and people who see him as different, that when people look at us they think we are fit and fine and ask what has happened to you? But they fail to look beyond their smiling faces which cover all the misery, they are not that healthy and fit as they look, they undergo a lot of trouble and health problems due to their condition. To avoid these problems, he has suggested people to be self- aware, do what it takes to maintain health, for instance, he drinks a lot of water and does yoga. Nobody can help you if you can’t help yourself.


Position: Communication focal point

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